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Tonight's D&D gaming session began a new campaign...
  • (Bri): I am the elven wench.

  • (GM, making sword-slashing gestures): Or you could go 'fwah!', or 'fwah!' or 'fwah!'
    (Nykkit, not moving): But you must always go 'fwah!'
    (GM): Yes, exactly.

  • (GM, pointing): You are outside the city. You are at home, having just finished another fight with your matron. You are tied down naked to an altar with a priestess looming over you. You and your sparkly skin are up dancing around naked in the sunlight.

  • You and the rivets on your nipples...
    (Generally): WHAT?
    (Angel): Did she tan her own hide?
    (Nykkit): When did the Sun Elves become the S&M Elves?

  • Roll to see if I care...

  • (GM): They're watching someone get his heart ripped out...
    (Female Drow): I think they'd notice if I took his place.
    (Nykkit): Yeah. You've got tits.
    (Angel): She's four foot nine and eighty pounds. How much tit can she possibly have?

  • (Angel, making the sign of the cross): Go in shit, my son.

  • (Sekkyro'): Define 'handsomely'.
    (James): Well, I'm pretty hot.

  • (Me): She's the sweetness and light of the whole party, all wrapped up in one little sparkly package.
    (Angel): And I'm the angst, and you're the sarcasm, and he's...I don't know what he is yet.
    (GM): He's the meat.

  • (GM): The sarcasm just oozes from him.
    (Me): This guy sweats sarcasm.
    (GM, flailing his hand): Ewww, I got sarcasm on me!

  • (GM): No stick for your snakes.

  • (Angel, to sun elf): We look burnt. You're just lightly toasted.

  • I'm making a value judgment on her ass, and her back gets taken into consideration.

  • Roll your 'walks with tackle'.

  • You appear to be a non-fucking foreigner. Unless you wish to change that.

  • They lead you to a copse of trees. It has its siren on.

  • I have an extremely platonic soft spot for little drow boys.

  • (To the GM, who is gay): So...why do you have a woman as your plot whore?

  • Pull the hood up too. You've got...pointy bits.
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