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Post-exam deep breath time...

Okay. One down...*consults the Oracle of exams*
Only thirteen more exams. Gods, I sound like a freakin' neurotic, but for those of you who want to know what medical school is like....here's the schedule, separated by weeks.

  • Monday 28 October: Pathology lab practical #2; Thursday 31 October: Medical genetics final

  • Tuesday 5 November: Pathology interim exam #3; Friday 8 November: Pharmacology Exam 4 (over a month's worth of lectures)

  • Monday 11 November: Pathology lab practical #3

  • Friday 22 November: Pharmacology Exam 5

  • Monday 25 November: Pathology interim exam #4; Thursday and Friday, 28-29 November: Thanksgiving "Recess"

  • Monday 2 December: Pathology lab practical #4; Friday 6 December: Pharmacology Exam 6

  • Monday 9 December: Biostats Final; Tuesday 10 December: Medicine Final; Thursday 12 December: Pharmacology Final

  • Thursday 19 December: Pathology Final

Is it bad when I look forward to a time when I only have one exam in a week?
...Okay, I'm obsessing again. Going to enjoy my lunch break before I spend the afternoon studying. Lab exam monday. Well, at least spending Sunday afternoon in the lab is a good reason to skip church Council meeting. Gah.

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