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Who am I? Vingt-quatre-six-oh-un!

She pages, "If I need to go and pick up B from wherever he lands, call me so I know. OK? ;) See ya in the afternoon."
[Public] Phloxin gets in the car to drive to Indy. "I'll be waiting for you"

I used to wonder what made people want to stick around me and my friends. What, besides love, made Lily want to come back, Picc to consider flying back up here for a Christmas party on the spur of the moment..
If I didn't have work today I'd be packing for Indy right now, dangit. Guess that's what I get for not signing online for 2 days, though the idea probably wouldn't have come up until tonight anyways, oh well...another time. Amazing how the mention of brownies can nearly get me halfway across the country. All i needed was a flight a few hours later and I could have swung it, so now I get to play responsible and go to work, BLEH.
Zia to come back even though she and Ryk spent half the time with each others' hackles running the wrong way, B to buy tickets every leave he gets...

I think I know. It's the completely selfless love that you guys show everyone who comes here. We have our moments - crass and cruel and biting and angsty just like anyone else - but there's so much more. And it's such a sweet feeling, knowing that the friends I have are such wonderful people.
I love you all.

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