I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

A quiz.

You are a fence-sitter!
What sort of M*er are you?
by KarmaBum
Power-Gaming Tendency: 2 Combat Addiction: -5 Tinysex Drive: -1 How useless are you: -6 Stupid Poet Bullshit Factor: 2

Oi, I'll admit that the first time I took this I came up with "Power-Gamer". And then I changed one answer and came up with this one. Because Power-Gamer...I've only been accused of being an all-out control freak by one or two players, anywhere I've ever MOO'd. And those particular players had issues of their own.
And if I change one -more- answer, I get:

Would-be Poet

I give up. Apparently, I'm just too damn wishy-washy. But I score consistently low on the combat bits. Anyone surprised?
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