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Today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Expect a soapbox rant in the coming days, as soon as I find a reprint of Molly Ivins' column that was published in today's Journal-Gazette. She syndicates from a Texas newspaper, which reprints her columns online - it appears - so I'm hoping they'll put this one up.
It made me cry. And without typing the whole thing in again, I can't explain why save to say that it's a superbly written commentary on the economic policy that afflicts our country today.
I voted. I have the right to complain, to voice my opinion. And I must say in no uncertain terms that the direction this country's leadership seems to be taking terrifies me. But the rest...the rest will have to wait. Ms. Ivins said it far better than I can.

That said, tears dried, nose blown, Christmas here at Mom's is going swimmingly. Carols and presents, ham and casserole even though the family is just the six of us. Mom called Michelly in France to say Joyeux Noël, and we chatted a bit. I miss Michelly. Food, from the smell of it, is on the table. Mark and David and Angel are planning to come home and play computer games. I'm going to work my thumbs raw on the Gameboy most likely, since they got me more Zelda. I now have Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, and Oracle of Seasons. Just missing Oracle of Ages. Seeing as how I've never finished a Zelda game, this should be intriguing.
Also in the list: money, of course, gift cards to Borders and Barnes & Noble, a beautiful wire sculpture of an angel holding a candle, a Christmas sock (Yes - one Christmas sock. This pleases me very much, and not in a Harry Potter way. It's because I haven't matched my socks, ever, in the last eight years.), pens, a book about Duct Tape, and an ornament.
All in all, a good Christmas. I got to carol. Carolling is good. And now...is lunch. Dinner. Whatever, it's going to be yummy.
And it's still snowing.
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