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Hallelu! Pervy hobbit-fancying!

One: A parody of Two Towers, from someone else's LJ.
Two: cassieclaire is back, with a new installment of the Very Secret Diaries. For those of you who haven't read them, they're worth looking at. Warning: Not everyone thinks they're funny. The world seems to be of two minds about it. Link to the first set (from Fellowship of the Ring) at http://diaries.diagon.org. Follow Cassieclaire's LJ for the more recent installments.

Today was...a sleepy sort of day. I spent the morning running in circles, trying to get things done and make sure Daddy got off to his plane in time. It's like sending a little kid off, only he did all the packing himself. And I took Chelly's car up to get new tires (Apparently, the Probe's klunk noise was due to the fact that the right front axle is either seriously bent or actually broken. Whoops. I swear I didn't do anything to cause it.) ...While I was there, I hit the used book store. Whoops.
I have the entire Spellsinger series in paperback, plus the Xanth books 4 and 5, plus The Black Unicorn, which I might already have but it was cheap. I love used bookstores.
Also bought Christmas presents at Books Comics and Things, before we braved the mall this evening to hunt for something specific. Had a v. nice conversation with the pierced, spiked, and gelled boy (how he managed to still be hot I don't know. I think it was the incredibly beautiful brown eyes) at Hot Topic before raiding Suncoast. Christmas shopping done. Good. We open gifts tomorrow. Yay!
Otherwise, played FFX all afternoon instead of cleaning like I planned to. However, I did remember to call Meg and ask her to schedule me for an ambulance ridealong on the 3rd of January. I love being a medical student. Speaking of FFX, did the game designers have to put the save points in the plot scenes? I'm frantically looking for a save point so I don't lose the last 30 minutes of play time and still manage to meet my Angel at the mall, and the plot people walk me right past one outside Bevelle, through a one-way door. Stupid....*snarls*
Pulled into the mall parking lot and Mom calls me. Which is all good, I like Mom. Except she has exquisitely poor timing. I cannot shift gears, steer (note that Michel-Ange is still horribly misaligned), and talk to Mom. Doesn't happen. So I cut her off and hung up, called back later to explain.
I also ran into Erin (my baby sister) in the mall. She couldn't decide what to get her boyfriend (whom she's moving to Oregon with on January 6th to go to college out there) for Christmas...and then she decided "No, I think I'll get him a porn DVD. We have all the other kinds of DVD's. " So I steered her toward Suncoast, since she apparently didn't know that Suncoast has a porn section. I have such a strange family.

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