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Oh, Tannenbaum!

Dash, the darling, the sweet, the wonderful, the maaaaahvellous, took me out today to get a Christmas tree. They were all on sale, so I got one I liked. Which...now that I have it home, is probably a little too tall. The star will brush the ceiling, and I can't turn on the fan. Which of course led to much fan-dusting when I turned it off, realising how incredibly dusty the beast was.
Turning off the fan isn't a bad thing. It's still plenty cosy in here.
Trying to get the tree straight was an adventure in itself. Finally, I settled for tying it to the wall, and it's still not really straight, but it's good enough to put presents around. And I even had enough white cloth to make a tree skirt. So now there are presents under the tree, even if Angel won't let me
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