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Lowene (I love you, Lowene!) found an error in the test key. I got a 76%, not a 74%.
While that might not seem like a big deal, remember that ordinarily, a 75% is passing; the 70% cutoff is only on the finals. So we have a mental block in our heads: 75% is passing. And now...now I'm above passing.
I'm so ecstatic.

Dinner (at the House of Hunan) was wonderful. Dr. Smith started off his little speech, after receiving his Order of the Xanthomas polo shirt that we had embroidered for him (semi-inside-joke that I'll try to explain some other time), by congratulating us. We all passed the first semester.

In other news, I never want to drive The Probe again. We're going to pick up Michel-Ange in a little bit, and I'll be so happy. Turns out they didn't have to replace the middle part of the steering rack, so it still leaks but I don't have to pay $200 for the part. And my brakes will work.

Wrapping Christmas presents for Angel while he's away. We're going to go get a tree tonight.
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