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Grand Theft Video

"...The audit file is not covered in the manual for a reason. We only tell that to the owner, since there are some real sharp kids working in video stores these days..."
Owner called up wondering why suddenly a bunch of customer histories are all blank. And videos are rented on deleted tickets, then checked in several days later. Hmmm....

Listening to them discuss all the changes to make for the next version of Spectrum, and how to make it faster and nicer. It's really kind of cool.

Pages done: 368. Sections completed: 22. Next up: Genetics. 17 pages, 2 questions. Just wrapped up looking over parasitology. Ranasinghe's section - 42 pages, 2 questions. It's almost not worth it. I just skimmed over it, really. I'm so annoyed. I hope he asks about syphilis. I know all about syphilis. I don't know anything else, but I know about syphilis. Mom Boersma: "You'll never see a case of tertiary syphilis unless you...well, with what you want to do, maybe you will."
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