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Good morning, Starshine....

Pages completed: 124. Sections completed: 11. Maybe there aren't a thousand pages of notes in here. It seems like there can't possibly be a thousand pages of notes in here. I've gone through what looks like a third of them.

Environmental Pathology, section 12, 19 pages: follows the section on Diabetes. Vital numbers: Fasting glucose > 126, casual or 2-hour OGTT >200. Pregnancy is lower: 110 and 140. How will I ever keep these straight?
A habituated alcoholic can be functional at a BAC of 0.7 or better (where 0.1 = 100 mg/dL = the legal limit), whereas a BAC of 0.4 will kill the average person. Isn't that frightening?
And...if anyone's interested, a blood test for marijuana can come up positive at a very low level for a nonsmoker who's been passively exposed. A urine test on a pot smoker peaks at 10 minutes after smoking (3 hours after ingestion) and can be positive for several weeks. Cocaine (used as a local anaesthetic by dentists) can be detected for 1-3 days in a casual user; up to 22 days in a chronic user. Apparently the hospital pathology lab gets calls from "curious persons" on a regular basis, wanting to know how long one has to be clean to clear a drug screen. Dr. Bustamante says "I always exaggerate a bit. Just to scare them."
Rowr. Marquee default text is fuchsia. Why?

Pages completed: 143. Secttions completed: 12. Up next: Urinalysis.
Here's a fun fact for you: Everyone knows that urine is supposed to be pale yellow to colourless, right? Certain chemicals can alter that considerably. The following:
Too many carrots or too much vitamin A can turn urine orange, as can the drugs Rifampin and Nitrofurantoin. Rhubarb can turn acidic urine yellow to brown. An infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa can turn it green, and Clorets, in theory, will turn your urine blue-green. Note: Dr. Bustamante doesn't know how many Clorets this takes, but it's upwards of 5-10 packages in one day, as reported by a group of medical students several years ahead of us.

So there's an issue that they haven't been able to resolve, despite hours and hours and hours of work they've put into it. And the only solution they can come up with is "Upgrade your NT4 server to something better." Somehow this led into a discussion of child abuse and corporal punishment, a la A Christmas Story. I love listening to techs.

They're cleaning out a closet-cupboard-thingy under the...ow, fuck. Just put the chair down on my sock-clad toe. Score one for Ryken's constant demands that I wear shoes. Ow, ow, ow.
Anyway...the townhouse reeks of cleaner. And the door's open to let the stink out, so it's cold in here.

David's on the phone, narrating to someone how to find the hard drive inside their machine. "No, nothing there? Okay...now look at the back of the machine...Nothing? Empty? Okay, sounds like they made you a boot disk with just enough information to get to your network...which means you're kind of stuck." Ah, the joys of diskless machines. "You're going to have to get some new machines, I think."

So the NT4 server person from above - who can't connect, even after he got a whole new machine...so he said. It turns out that he got a whole new machine - everything except the hard drive, which has the original installation of NT4 on it, so nothing's changed where all the configuration settings are, where it matters. All we wanted him to do was reinstall NT4, Angel says. Why can't he just install a better operating system instead of getting all new equipment and keeping the same stupid NT4? And why not tell them that it's the same hard drive instead of saying "all new equipment"?

Pages completed: 224. Sections completed: 16. Next up: Clinical Enzymology, 13 pages, 3 questions.

"Hello, this is Matt with Tempus Technologies. I'm returning a phone call from (Name Withheld). Is she available?" Pause. "Matt." Pause. "Tempus Technologies." Pause. "I'm with Spectrum Support." Pause. "Six o'clock? Okay, then, I'll try her again later." That was a lot of work to get a "she's not here."

"I notice you don't have backups done. Do you have backup disks? Zip disks?" Pause. "Yeah, it's thicker than a normal disk...it goes in a drive that says 'Zip drive' on it?" Pause. "Butch...? Okay, yeah, I'll hold." Pause. "Do you leave this Spectrum RetailNet up at night? It goes off?" Pause. "I notice here you've never done a backup...if you leave the RetailNet screen up, it'll do a backup for you automatically..." Pause. And then he begins explaining to the customer the importance of backups, and how the system was shipped with seven labelled Zip disks for backups. And five minutes later... "Ahh, there it is. There it goes....You might want to think about lowering your security a bit, make it a little less tight, so you don't have to be standing there all the time....Yeah, it sounds like it's overkill." Pause. "Okay, when you do your closing...just walk away. And leave that screen up. Yes, and it'll do a backup for you."
Backups. Backups are good.

Checking on movie tickets for the massive Two Towers group we're picking up, to take the youth Saturday at 11 AM. And Angel says "Hey, there're still tickets available for the 12:01 showing." So...I guess we're going to a movie tonight. I probably shouldn't. But...hell, I don't get to go to 12:01 showings all that often, and it's Two Towers, and, and...
And I'm going, godsdamnit. Which means I need to pick up on the pace of these notes a bit, so I can be mostly done tonight. Incidentally, the missing 3 questions must be on coagulation.

"Oh, I don't want to hear about Laguna Beach winters. You were down to 50 last night? Oh, brr..."

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