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Botheration take it...

After doing a complicated little entry ranting about the amount of time I was going to have to spend on these blasted notes, I forgot to save the file before loading an old journal entry. So...poof.

To recap: 22 pages of Inflammation and Repair notes. Started going through them: 1:53 PM
Finish going through them: 3:18 PM. Gah.
That's 3.86 minutes per page, which makes 1000 pages take 64 hours. That's 2.68 days, if I don't eat or sleep or do anything but study. It's now 3 PM on Monday. The exam is at 9 AM on Thursday. You do the math. Fortunately...those took longer than a normal section. Twenty-two pages of notes...for three fucking questions. Gah.
But I didn't take any breaks in that section, except for changing which CD I was ripping. Go me.

74 questions on the exam. 71 of them I know the categories for. Those remaining 3 I think might involve the notes I just worked on, which don' t have a category in the question breakdown. It's all about priorities, you see: Child Abuse has only one question, likewise Medicolegal death. So I'll just scan over those.
Infectious Disease: 6; Paediatrics 3; Urinalysis 2; Environmental medicine 3; Body fluids 2; Transfusions 2; Nutrition 3; Genetics 2; Neoplasia 6; Diabetes 3; Enzymes 3; Cellular Growth and differentiation 1; Cell death and Injury 4; Immunology (how I loathe immunology) 6; Amyloidosis 1; Inflammation and repair 3; Adaptation and accumulation 2; Adrenal 5; Pituitary 4; Parathyroid 3; Thyroid 3; Haemodynamics and fluids 2; Medicolegal death 1; Child abuse 1; Unknown: 3.
"In the extracellular space lysyl hydroxylysyl oxidation takes place, resulting in cross-linkage of alpha chains and yielding structural stability and tensile strength."
Lysyl hydroxylysyl...how many freakin' combinations of l and y can be combined into a pronounceable word? It looks like some kind of Welsh sneeze. I hate biochemistry.

From the notes on medicolegal death: "Incised wounds of the neck are rarely accidental." Oh, really? And annotated on the same packet of notes: "The four signs of death: Algor mortis (loss of heat), Rigor mortis (rigidity of death), Livor mortis (discolouration of skin), Decomposition. Note: We've had decomposing bodies intubated by paramedics, so this last is particularly important." I laughed. So hard.
More sobering: "Battered child syndrome" became a medical term in 1961 - the first time that child abuse was recognised as a medical problem. 75% of fatal child abuse cases were known to authorities before the child's death. There are 2 million cases of physical abuse and neglect of children in the USA each year. Over 1/2 of those victims are less than one year old; over 3/4 less than 2.

I'm done typing notes for a while; going to go read the notes I already typed. After I take a minute to go coo over Renee's niece, who's a very cute Small Elephant with a curiously short trunk. Mental note: see if anyone here wants to read The Story.
She went to see Santa, but didn't tell him anything, because "If you don't tell Santa what you want, you still get toys." To which Renee responded, "But what do I get? You didn't tell him what I want!" After being prompted to tell Renee to 'send him an e-mail', Small Brunette Elephant responds: "Sell 'im a nemail." Just like that. Much cooing to be done.
Its name is Olivia. And it's shy of me. I think they should make the Olivia-Elephant answer the tech support calls. Jerry says "Or at least record the phone tree messages."

A brief correction: As I was opening the saved journal entry to burn it to my CD-RW (no floppy drive on the laptop!), I discovered that Semagic just doesn't parse anything with too many periods in the title properly. So my entry from this morning (which is now obsolete, since I covered most all of it again this afternoon) titled A day in the life... saved - but didn't save with the .slj extension, which means it didn't show up on my 'open files' filtering for *.slj. Good to know. Will most decidedly remember this. Anyway, to the CD now.

...Or it could refuse to read the CD-RW (incidentally, it took 4 seconds to burn the file and 1:30 to burn all the stuff that goes around the file), so I'll be reduced to posting that when I get home - or when Angel doesn't need his network connection for a bit. Thank goodness for saving entries.

But at the moment, I'm listening to Angel patiently explain to a customer how to type a tilde (for the uninitiated: a tilde is the ~ character, that makes an n go all gooey in Spanish). And he had to do it three times. "Okay, and then the tilde. The squiggly-line, double-apostrophe-thingy, yes. A tilde. The squiggly line. At the top of your keyboard, to the left of your number 1, above the tab key. See that key? Hold down shift and press that key, and you'll get the funny squiggle." Beat. "To the left of your number 1. Hold down shift..."
Followed closely by: "Type in backslash-SPECTRUM-backslash-PKUNZIP-space-...." After a bit: "No, wait. Did you use the backslash (\) or the normal slash (/)? No, no. You...yeah, you have to use the backslash there. Okay, good."
"And then you typed two-zero-zero-two-one-two-squiggly line-five-period-Z-I-P, and then a space, right?"
"Can't find two-zero-zero-two-one-two-tilde- err, I mean -squiggly line-five-period-Z-I-P?"
And he wonders why these calls take multiple hours...
"No, it's okay...I've had to talk to worse...you're fine. period-D-A-T, enter? Okay, good. It's working this time."
What a marvellous conversation to hear.

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