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All about Cars

Went to drop off Michel-Ange this morning (cold morning, so cold) and got there before Independent Honda opened. So, as ever, I pulled the car in, took my key off the ring, and wrote Scott a note letting him know everything that was wrong with poor poor Michel. I should have written it at home; it was so cold I could hardly keep my fingers wrapped around the pen to write.
  • Brakes are extremely soft

  • I've had to completely refil the power steering fluid at least once (which implies a leak)

  • One taillight bulb is out (lazy me)

  • There's still a funny hesitation in the engine now and again, especially on wet days

  • He needs alignment badly
And then I put my phone number on it, wrapped it up around the key (and the Nikon camera memory card I found lying in the parking lot), and slipped it through the door slot.
We grabbed the jar of ranch dip from my car, amid much "ewww"ing from Angel, until he realised that it wasn't open, so it wasn't like it was rotting, and took off for Tempus.

Why do people completely disregard signs for their lanes? I present the following instructions for those who are confused about turn lanes: if you are in a Left Turn Only lane, and you change your mind, go around the block! Do not attempt to cut over to the right-hand lane and merge back into the unsuspecting traffic who are all thinking that you are going to Turn Left, since you're in the Left Turn Only Lane. That's why the gigantic sign with the leftward-pointing arrow is hanging next to the stoplight which you Obviously Saw, since you are stopped. That's why they painted a giant leftward-pointing arrow on the road, which you Presumably are Looking At. That's why there are Two Lanes on this side of the stoplight and One Lane on the other side - because you are in the Left Turn Only Lane.
Turn left, damn you.

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