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Matt: (Japanese taxi driver) I have....small nuclear device in back of taxi.
An addendum to Angel's B-Movie Quotage:
Me: Do you have any idea how many Lumps a nuclear device dishes out?
Matt: Hai! I have lots of Misfortune to begin with. Drive down road, hit bump, level town.

Much funness, although starting after we got back from Nemesis was a bit late. Everyone was tired at the climax of the piece (hehehehehe....climax), but there was still much laughing and play. It went well.
Speaking of Nemesis....(sniffle)

I sniffled when Data died. A lot. It was sad, even though I saw it coming about halfway through the movie. I thought they might kill Picard too, but no such (whew).
Very nicely done. I was a willing suspender of disbelief, undetectable cloaking ship, Data's flight through space, last-minute rescue and all. Yay!

Because I like Star Trek, I've been affectionately labelled a "Real Nerd". Gee, thanks all.
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