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Megatokyo, on schoolgirl outfits. I should get one.
Brakes are getting scary on poor Michel-Ange. Hence, he's going into the shop. I tried explaining to him that if he would just straighten up and fix them himself I wouldn't have to put him in the shop. He tried, he really did. But they're just not working right. Push the brake pedal in about halfway to get any braking at all. Monday appointment. I wish car insurance worked like medical insurance, with a copay for mechanics.

Stopped by Office Depot today to pick up paper and printer ink (since I'll be printing the notes for Pathology out as soon as I can convince myself that I need to study for this fardling exam), and got a few other things too. Okay, $70 worth of other things. But they were useful other things that I was going to have to get anyway. Then went to check out.
Their credit card lines are broken.
The guy had to call up the credit card place and input everything touchtone, by hand. And the Mastercard line didn't work, so I grabbed a Visa instead. I have credit cards coming out my ears, and only ever use two of them. Go me.
Can you imagine - the holiday season, and each credit card transaction takes at least 3 extra minutes? Gah.

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