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Let's talk about my pediatrics rotation, O Best Beloved. Let's talk about the things that one does and that one does not do with children.

If you have three children in your household, and one of them is an infant only a few weeks old, you should cherish them and guard them and protect them from harm. You should absolutely not cultivate a relationship with a man who is not the father of any of the children if he fails one simple test:
Have you been convicted of violent crimes against a child?
You must, O Best Beloved, consider carefully any person who answers "yes" to that question with regard to the safety of your beloved new infant son. You must consider whether you want this person violating his parole to be involved in the lives of your children. You must consider whether you want this person living in your house with your three children, and you must consider with extreme care whether you want this person watching your children while you sleep.
I think there is a right and a wrong answer to this question.

We took the tube out of T's throat tonight, after a week on the ventilator. The intensivist note reads "Hypoxic encephalopathy, traumatic brain injury, status epilepticus, bilateral parietal skull fractures." He's breathing, but I don't know how much else he'll ever do.
He has a matched set, O Best Beloved. Someone as-yet-unspecified did something to this infant that broke the skull on both sides of his head, filled his brain with blood, and then let him suffocate while he seized. And his mother lied about not only the circumstances of the injury but the persons living in her household. It wasn't until the third or fourth draft of her history that she admitted to the presence of the convicted offender in her home...
We all have our suspicions about the guilty party, but I think there is more than one.
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