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Good news...

Yesterday, K pulls me aside. "When you're done with clinic, I need to talk to you."

I got done with clinic at 1730, after putting a long-arm ulnar gutter splint on a 35 year old woman who'd fallen on the ice (I'm 80% certain something is broken that we haven't seen yet), reading an EKG on a patient with chest pain (normal), setting up an induction and avoiding all my inbound phone calls. She and S fall into single file around me as we walk up to her office. They're both smiling, although S is the master of the secretive little smile, so who knows what that means.

We walk into her office. She shuts the door, motions me to a seat.
We'd like to officially offer you the OB fellowship at $hospital for next year.

I'll be here another year, O Best Beloved, learning how to do c-sections and manage emergencies and hone my ultrasound skills, and I get to trim some of the deadwood off of my patient list while I do it, to boot. I'll be doing primary care, but focusing on OB. And maybe a little research.

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