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Bad to the bone.... - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Bad to the bone....
Talked to Iwona coming out of the test. She's sick, poor girl. Now she can take the night and sleep, though.
Bought myself a box of mac and cheese as a reward for being done with Pharmacology...and then made a mutual Christmas present purchase with lakosAngel to buy year-paid-accounts and have all the spiffy features to play with (there you go, Mom. Angel's username is 'lakos', so just change the 'ayradyss' to 'lakos' in the link). Abused the 'friends of friends' long enough to see if there was anyone out there that I might know by association. Added a name or two to my friends' list.
Merry Christmas. So, if there's anyone out there who wants a code, we have a bunch between the two of us to play with.

Got into Michel-ange (Michel-ange is my 1987 Honda Accord, whom I love dearly despite his 230,000 miles. It's French for Michelangelo (however you spell it), since when I bought the car my father insisted that a car with a stick shift must be a Boy Car, but he has purple tinted windows and a "Warning: Protected by Faeries" sticker on his window, so we think he's gay. Hence the artsy name. Before Michel-Ange I had a scab-coloured Honda whose name I've forgotten, sadly. But I ran her into the back of a minivan before I'd really had her all that long. And before that was Esmerelda, who was a 1977 Accord with less than 100,000 miles on her. And we sold her to this huge burly guy after a while. I loved Esmerelda too, because she was the car that Jo and I got to change the water pump on. But I digress.)
Oh, and my mom's Honda is named Daria, but on Tuesdays and weekends she goes by Fred.
I got into Michel-ange and turned on the radio, to hear the opening chords of "Bad to the Bone"...so I cranked it up but good to hear it on my really-quite-mediocre sound system. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bad!

Think I'm going to go play FFX now.

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