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...If I only had a brain.... - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
...If I only had a brain....
Pharmacology exam. Brain hurts.
Lots of questions with lists of drugs, just what I was fearing. But I think I did all right. I hope I did all right. The best he's seen come back from it was 91/125, he says. And I only have to place in the 15th percentile or better to pass. 85% of the persons who take the exam pass.

USMLE Step I registration is $420. I have to pay four hundred dollars to spend eight hours in front of a computer, staring at test questions and praying that I do well enough to pass the National Boards. And that's just to keep going in med school. (Deadline to have taken them: June 9) There's an additional ass-reaming after fourth year, with the Step II ($420), and then the Step III ($590) sometime in my first or second post-grad year, after I have my MD. Pluuuus....
They're introducing a Clinical Skills Exam. With luck, I'm going to miss that and its $950 (plus transportation) fee. Coming in in mid-2004 at the earliest, but it's probably going to be delayed a year. I hope so. I really hope so.
Then, I can be a real doctor. I want to be a real doctor. I really, truly do. I don't want medical school to make me cynical and tired like this.

I'm going to go home and play Final Fantasy. I'm so tired.

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