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Postcards from the edge

Sitting in Tempus Tech, at the table that apparently never gets used, taking a brief post-lunch break from my studies to do something besides stare at drug names and mechanisms of action. This is the most fascinating place...it really is. Two townhouse apartments connected by a wooden door, computers and boxes scatttered everywhere. Everyone's very nice though, sweet.
Matt's in the other room pacing back and forth on his headset phone. I'm thinking about anything but the pharm exam tomorrow. I don't want to take a pharm exam. I don't ever want to look at pharmacology again. Especially not after the way this semester of pharm beat me and abused me savagely. Bleah, bleah, bleah! Evil thing. Even with a statewide exam - because I know I'm going to come out of the beast totally drained, feeling like there's nothing left of me. And I hate that feeling. It always takes days to get back in the right mood for studying afterwards.

In other news: we bought an armoire to put where the oldcouch is now. Said oldcouch is going to the trash; it's got a broken arm that isn't worth fixing, since the springs are completely shot. Might save the cushions for the library, even though Angel hates that. I like couch cushions on the floor. Plan is for Thursday night to take the couch out for trash pickup, and then Friday I can put the armoire together. And then I'm moving the plates and glasses into it, damnit. I'm tired of having to kneel every time I want a drink.
And, there's room on the top to put the Nativity set. There's probably room for me to put the clay one I bought in France, if I ever find it, but I know where the olive wood one we got for a wedding present is, and that's good enough for me.

I don't want to study. I don't want to do anything of the sort. But I know I have to. Thursday afternoon I can read the B-Movie rulebook through again, and work on crafting character sheets (Do I still have mine from last time I ran? That would be nice.) and cutting out the relevant portions of the book for people to do character gen for the one-nighter I want to run after we go see Nemesis. Mmmm....Patrick Stuart.
Ahh, well. Saving this entry for when I get home and can connect up the network again.

Renee just came in, saying "Tell me if I'm an idiot?"
The woman has 18 payments. She's been making double payments. In July, she had 10 left. Now...she says she should only have 3 left. Despite the fact that she's been making double payments the whole time.

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