I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Home safe :)

For the curious:
Yes, we were on Kaua'i when this happened. And we were right next door to the Marriott, the day after this happened. And to make a long story short (it is late, I have had no Internet access, and I have been anything but confined to my hotel room for the last week) we worked for the Red Cross for an evening, my Angel did damage assessment the next morning, and the very last full day of our stay in Hawai'i, we braved the one reopened lane up to the north shore and got to frolic in the sunlight for a few hours.

The rest of the time it rained, either off and on in spotty drizzles or thunderously, in overwhelming buffets. We saw the inaccessible Na Pa Li coast drenched in sunlight from a helicopter one afternoon, but that was as good as it got. Maybe another time, I will be able to ride on boats, go on sunset cruises, and snorkel in pristine waters.

As it is, I have to go to bed so I can page the attending I'm supposed to start with tomorrow. I sort of never heard back from him after calling two weeks ago. An auspicious beginning.
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