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Still here...

So much to say, O Best Beloved, so many things and people I've seen and yet (isn't there always a yet) I don't have the energy to put it into words. I am marking time, I am on the down side and I don't want to be here. I think I have an explanation for the downs, and if so I will be back with you soon.

I went to the gym today, where I have now been Oriented and a friendly computer tells me how many reps to do with what weights on which machines. That is good. Movement is good.

I have good news, but I am afraid to put it in permanent media until it is solid.

Tomorrow: 2-midnight in the ED; I am becoming slowly a little more confident but I don't study enough. I don't do much of anything unless forced to in the last few days. It will pass. It always does.
Thursday: PM clinic. And that's it until next Wednesday; I am going to be on vacation.

So I'll have no excuse for not writing then.

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