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Don't let me down...

Frankly, he says, I'm still a little pissed. You have to give me more warning than this. And I should. I'm asking one of the third-years to take call for me when I'm in KC on the 29th. And I ran out of people to ask. And I didn't ask him until Sunday night, and I didn't let him know the status until Tuesday and he had an ER shift he's got to trade and weekend plans and I feel so awful because I put off figuring it out and then I forgot and now it's a mess and I hatehatehate making people do anything out of their way for me.
And it's my fault. And the masochist in me is hoping he asks me to take call some really awful time so that I can bend over backwards and do it, because right now I feel like I suck.

I'm a procrastinator by nature, O Best Beloved. I put things off and I don't do them and then I rush to get them done. I can't do that now. Not when it means I'm inconveniencing others.
Lessons learned.
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