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Intellectual Property, eBay, and the World of Warcraft.

So, Cairenn over at WoWInterface reported that someone was selling a CD of WoW mods on eBay, and that from the screenshot she could clearly identify at least GypsyMod if not others.
The auction got taken down, but she e-mailed the auction creator, who told her that he wasn't allowed to sell GypsyMod but that the CD was for sale still with Gypsy included, free. So she got her hands on a copy of the CD to determine what else was on it.

The complete listing is here.
Of note, Cosmos, Gypsy, CTMod, Nurfed UI, UUI Manager, and a few other major compilations were included.
A copy of the Teamspeak 2 client is on the CD, and a JPG of the map of the Eastern Kingdoms (copyright Blizzard).
I scanned through the list of standalone add-ons, and lo and behold, my very own RecipeBook is being sold by some hoser on eBay.

Cairenn's apparently gotten in touch with Slouken regarding the Blizz copyright bit. There are some vague plans to send the author to the Teamspeak wolves for selling their stuff, and as I said, the auction was either pulled or eBay suspended it.
That leaves the rest of us - for my part, I'm actually a little amused that RecipeBook got included; I was already reasonably miffed about someone selling mods in the first place. But what do I do about it? There is, by default, no real licensing included with mods. I think I may pop a Creative Commons license or similar on mine.

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