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I'd wager that this article: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/503527?src=mp is one that mdrnprometheus and turnberryknkn have already seen.
It's the article I've been speaking at people since I got my score report back from my Step 2 CS, the one that echoes what I was saying not so long ago.

Plans for today were aborted thanks to a migraine. I spent today sleeping and throwing up, which I'm sure you wanted to know, O Best Beloved.
When Angel got home, we took my car to the dealer to have a noise looked at, and it stubbornly refused to make the noise. He thinks it's probably the brake wear liner, which will cost us about $200 we don't have. We don't have any money right now, as it's been a month since anyone got paid - and will be another month until I get my paycheck. Angel's money (first paycheck in 9 days!) will be deposited into a bank account in Indy, so the folks who take good care of our mortgages can make magical payments. I don't know how much of it I can reliably make go away without disrupting said magical balance.
And yet, today we had a man come and measure our floors for bamboo flooring. Mostly because I only ever want to move the piano once, and it's worth sucking our bank accounts dry to do it right the first time. Fast-growing grass that is far more renewable than traditional hardwoods and looks just gorgeous. Much nicer than laminate, and correspondingly more expensive.

Rental U-Haul yesterday went smoothly; boxes are cleaned out of storage and the garage, the house is empty. Need to contract a friend or relative to stop by, pick up the cable box and cable modem, and return to Comcast during business hours. My little sister may want the gas can and tuneup kit that goes with the lawnmower. Now to hope. If the house sells for list price we'll be absolutely fine. If the house sells for anything more than what we paid for it we'll be lovely. We've only put in a new air conditioner, new high-efficiency furnace, new carpet, and a new dishwasher and fridge in the last two years. That should help, right?
Boxes are, unfortunately, all over the house. This is the unpacking part where I get to try and figure out where we want all of the dishes and appliances. We have gained kitchen space, but much of it is drawer space and we have lost some cabinets that were converted to drawers. This leads to a basement pantry and appliance storage area. It'll work, one way or another.

Angel is making Mexican pizza. I'm going to go put away some more boxes. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will be more productive.

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