I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Stream of consciousness

I was going to take a nap over lunch. I've changed my mind. Not so tired now, despite the Benadryl I took to ward off my headache. It's not a migraine - I think, rather, it's a headache due to the fact that I forgot to take my vitamins for a few days...and now that I'm taking them again, my titres are off. Always get a headache when I go on or off vitamins, the first day.
Haven't seen Chavaling since she called on Sunday night asking about the first-year girl I designed her for katmeers (Harry Potter fanfic - beware). This is unusual *frets*.

Yes, I'm feeling better today. I wouldn't call it stellar, but I think I can dredge up the motivation to finish my notecards and go back through the notes again. Mechanisms and stuff, he says, for the exam. Damndamndamn.
On a good note: Lab exams are graded already.

Hallelujah. Frighteningly enough, I'm still below the class average.

On a bad note, I forgot to pack myself lunch. Which, I suppose, means I need to hike over to Kettler and buy something to eat. Or...and this is sounding appealing...I could just ignore lunch and wait until I get home.

After all, I'm only staying out of politeness - so that there's a decent group for the Medicine lecture.
Back to notes.

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