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Dermatology: Drove out to the office at 0730. Was told to report to the other office, as there's something special about the North Office that means I can't follow Dr. G there. So I reported to the other office, met the PA (fantastic) and the other Dr. Watched Mohs Surgeries all morning.
It is eerie, O Best Beloved, to watch an experienced dermatologist peeling the skin from someone's face - a triangle, 4 cm by 4 cm by 4 cm, off of the jaw of an otherwise fairly pretty woman - and then chopping it into little bits for frozen section. It is startling how little blood there is. It is even more eerie to watch that gaping hole contract down, after three quick stitches, to a "Y" incision closed by quick locking running whips with 4-0 PDS. It leaves a little pull at the corner of the mouth; a little pucker at the wound. They'll go away, he reassures me.

It will be a good two weeks. I get an hour for lunch, and The nurses love me already.
Now if the carpet would only come in.

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