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A moment to ponder.

Humanitarian group founder killed in Iraq.
For those of you who grew up Brethren, the first thing that came to mind was "Brave Man from Ohio".

Weekend spent meeting with the IAFP Bylaws committee and doing things like removing the language in our bylaws that reserves our right to be even more of a maverick state than we have already garnered reputation for (8 hours, including driving); Angel replacing a panel on the garage door; enlisting our friends to help remove furniture (thank you everyone); celebrating a birthday for ellisande; packing up dishes and towels and that sort of thing; panicking and reaching the point of apathy over packing.
Also, we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant and spent too much money but had yummy food. Our waitress was from the Phillipines, and very talkative. It was a full weekend. I am exhausted.

Today, I start Dermatology.
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