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Overheard today...

Nurse: This woman calls me about her 11-month old baby. And she says that the baby won't stop crying, he's been crying all day, inconsolable, and I can hear that she's on the edge. So I tell her to bring the baby in, because it's not an emergency but we're wrapping up, just bring him in for Dr. B to check him out, she's ten minutes away or so, bring him on in. Not that this is an emergency, but we're wrapping up, end of day, now is as good a time as any. And she says: What's Dr. B going to check him out for? And I say well, he's been crying all day, maybe something's wrong. And she says - get this, she says Do you think there's something psychologically wrong with him?
I, O Best Beloved, am awestruck, and wait for the nurse who actually checked the baby in to finish the story.
Nurse: So I'm checking this kid in, and he's crying, and first Mom tells me that he's been crying for - she checks her notes - a week, now, inconsolably, and she asks me if there's something mentally or psychologically wrong with her baby, because he won't stop crying. And I tell her that maybe he has an infection or he's constipated, it's a little early to talk about psychological issues in this eleven-month-old baby. And she goes on. She says: But he's of an age where he should be able to distract himself, occupy himself. And when I leave the room, she says, he ought to be able to occupy himself, but he cries and he won't stop crying until I come back in and he's done this for a week now. And do you think there's something psychologically wrong with him? And now she's asked me twice, and I'm dying to say "No, but you, on the other hand..."
I chime in: Separation anxiety, maybe? Little normal.
I didn't catch Dr. B to ask him about the family, but it turns out that poor kiddo has an ear infection and so he's probably crying because he's in pain. But the nurses are wondering, surreptitiously in the back room, whether mother is so worried because she did something to him before he started crying.

Dr. B, earlier: This kid jumped off of something, couple days ago, landed on his toes funny, been a little sore in the foot since then. And I examined him, and he was fine except for a little tender over the third, fourth, fifth metatarsals. And I thought no way did he break three toes, jumping. But I shot it. And what do you know, he did?

Dr. T: That little girl you just saw? When she was about a week and a half old, her mother called in for a cold, kid was breathing hard, something about her made the nurse bring her in. And I listened to her lungs and they sounded pretty crappy. So I did what we do - I had the nurse give her a breathing treatment, talked about a chest X-ray, went back in fifteen minutes later and listened again. And her lungs had cleared up quite a bit, enough for me to hear her little heart going "Whoosha-whoosha". This was the loudest murmur I've ever heard. So I said "Oh," her eyebrows go up "let's get that chest X-ray right away." And we did, and I hung it up, and her little chest was all heart. Nothing but it, it was that enlarged. And we did her O2 sats, and they were in the low 90's, dropping into the mid 80's, and I called the pediatric cardiologist, and I said "I've got a little week-and-a-half-old baby here with sats in the 85-90's, a heart that covers her entire chest on X-ray, and a murmur, loud, goes whoosha-woosha. I think we need an echo." And sure enough, she had an AV canal, non-Downs type. Repaired and done well ever since.

The five-year-old lounging shirtless on the exam table like a GQ model. Mom: No, he's not shy at all. But he was ticklish.

Thank you for all the good wishes, O Best Beloved. I am feeling much better.

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