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Housing nerves...

The bank contacted us. We're essentially approved for twice the price of the house we now own, and that's what we're going to go do today. Look at houses. I'll have a full writeup including pictures coming soon.

Sunday afternoon hopefully we'll have some family and friends over for Easter dinner. Just a few, this time. No more than seven or eight.

Last night daimones ran his usual Trinity session, the plot of which entertains me and which is generally a great deal of fun, thus far. And we had a group picture - sans two. So I'm going to nip a bit of his bandwidth and show it to you in lieu of a real post (Since Wednesday night, I've been driving, planning and packing. That's all.)

From left to right: broken_onewon1, with the blue shirt and the great flash redeye; ellisande with the red hair; phloxin in the black and yellow, holding ellisande on the couch; me in the scrubs there; lakos, my Angel (isn't he cute?) with the goatee; ecchikun in front.

Realtor says to plan for a "long day" today. We shall see.

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