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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Amused myself the other day while in line at Best Buy by turning on the V-chip settings on the display TV's and setting random passwords. Am I wicked?
There's a series of stupid commercials on TV. Including another Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Did a search on iMesh, on a whim. Apparently they haven't started making pornos yet (anyone else just waiting for it to happen?) but there are lots of clips from their movies of them walking around in bikinis. I miss their Full House days, when they pretended there was only one of them.
I want a two-inch remote-controlled car!

It's sad when I own two full shelves of DVD's, and still can't find anything to watch. Nothing on TV, no movies...how sad. Nothing that won't take my attention away from the work I'm so slowly doing. On unit 3, at least.

...And, due to hardware maintenance, I can't post. So this will just have to grow....or I can try backdating it, and save it.

now feeling:: apathetic apathetic
now hearing:: The Dark Crystal

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