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Snow is falling...

Yesterday morning's weather report promised flurries, maybe an inch of accumulation.
At lunch, when I went tearing home to marinate chicken, it was dry. Four hours later the roads were a nightmare. This morning, they were clean. Now snow has started to fall again.

missysedai is my hero. She always has the most delicious-sounding foods when she discusses them. So, in effort to emulate, I have begun assembling dinners that take more effort than opening a box and dumping pasta into boiling water. This involves the liberal use of "The Joy of Cooking", which tells one how to make almost anything except Indiana sweet corn. Last night's dinner was rosemary-baked chicken and oven-roasted potatoes and green beans, and it was lovely. Yay for Missy!

Children, I have discovered, each have individual ways of screaming. My favourite screams are the ones that cease as soon as you let go of them. My least favourite are those that belong almost exclusively to little girls, the screams that begin about 20 dB above ear-piercing and just howl up and up and up. The best way to make these stop involves a tongue depressor and gagging the poor little dears. Today, I heard most of them. We had a lot of 15-24 month-old children, who are all old enough to believe that going to the doctor means that one will get shots. Furthermore, they're not sure about strangers. They're also not too keen on having things in their ears.
One little darling who was diagnosed in utero with microcephaly, and postnatally with retinal scarring. CMV tests were negative. Now Mom wants to know: what happens if we have another baby? Is it something in the genes or something in the environment? She's adorable, playful, only a little delayed. She does not scream.

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