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Sometimes, I am lazy.

Tonight, I simply lost track of time. I had a good day, I will write about my good day, but I am currently distracted. There is an e-mail in my inbox:
Dear Students,
We want you to be aware that some students have failed the USMLE Step 2 CS. It is not a given that you will pass this examination and you should take some time to prepare yourself for this examination.  Based on our statistical analysis of our students’ results thus far, if you scored less then 70% cumulatively on your checklist or post encounter scores on your Senior OSCE exam, you are at five-fold increased risk for failing your USMLE Step 2 CS.

Now I know I didn't score less than 70% on my checklist or post-encounter scores for the OSCE. I had two below-average ones that dragged down consistently above-average scores on the others, although for the life of me I can't find my scoresheet, but I came out pretty well. I had bad dreams for two days about the one patient I have never been able to form a rapport with, and I did poorly on one because I was wicked nervous. Nonetheless, I am suddenly consumed with terror that I failed the Step 2 CS exam, that I did not ask enough questions or the right ones, that I did not gather sufficient data, that I did my exams wrong, that I missed past medical history questions.
My score report, according to the website, should have gone out February second. I haven't seen it. Is it late? Is it (tiny paper that it is, most likely) somewhere in the mail slot still? Where is it, and did I pass?

Suddenly, I can hardly sleep.

Edit: I went downstairs, because I couldn't sleep, and sorted through the mail slot. There was a tiny folded paper from the NBME. Inside: "Pass". I am so relieved.
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