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To die laughing...

What if Lord of the Rings were writen by different authors...?
See this thread!

So I got up this morning and crawled out of bed (it's cold in this apartment, suddenly), and got ready to go to school to take my exam (I'm so frelling lazy, I haven't done a thing today about Pharm and here it is 8 PM). And got out to the car. Realised that my driving gloves that I bought a week ago were still up in the apartment where I put them when I bought them. Oh, well - already running late, so I didn't go back.
And then - then, I had to break my car out of its shell of ice in order to get to my ice scraper (yay! New ice scraper!) and brush the snow off of the windows, then scrape the ice off of them, then climb into my car (yes, I left it running to warm up) and take off. Stopped, brushed the snow off the passenger side windows for a second time, then took off.
One of these frigid mornings (9 degrees, Scott said), when my breath froze the inside of the car's windshield, so I was peering through a 6" square window that I had to keep rubbing free until I finally got warmed up enough to defrost it.
A cold day. A very cold day.

And now the heaters up here don't work yet. Dad wired the thermostat backwards, he thinks. So when we tried to turn the heaters on, the entire upstairs circuit blew. Whoops.
We have a small space heater to bring the temperature up above freezing, and some blankets. Cuddle weather. A brief nap, now, before reading and studying.

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