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It went *zip* when it moved...

  ...finish that one, O Best Beloved.

Kitten-fur on just-got-out-of-bed sleepy flesh is the softest thing in the world, and warm.  A sort of gentle awakening.  Right up to the point where Xev dug her claws into my skin in an attempt to stand on my shoulder.

No updates since last Monday, and I left you hanging.  I'll try and remedy that tonight, as I will be staying at a casion-hotel that promises "data port telephones" but no high-spped wireless. 

Everyone out there who bought World of Warcraft:  Take out your game manual.  Go to page 16.  Look at the screenshot posted there.  See it?  See the Night Elf in the "Party Icons" section?  The one named Papillon?  That's my character, O Best Beloved, and IcyShiva is my stepbrother. 
I'm in the World of Warcraft Manual.
See, it goes like this.  We have a friend on Honorable Players who's married to a Blizzard employee, who happened to be needing screenshots "for work" and could we get Alliance folk to logon their characters for some screenies?  No problem, anything for you.  And the rest is history.

And now I need to make sure everything's packed for my six-hour drive.  I'm interviewing at $residency because I hear it's got a good program.  I don't like the city and I probably should have cancelled the interview, but I really do want to look around.  We bought a new washer and dryer on Sunday afternoon, though.  I think we're staying in town.

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