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This is my little sister Chelly.

Everyone say "hi" to Chelly. Chelly, as anyone who knows me face to face has heard, is brilliant and talented and wonderful and passionate and will change the world some day in the way that people like Gandhi and Mother Teresa have changed it. It will happen. She has I-don't-know how many majors and she's doing five years of college and she speaks French better than I do, and she works harder than I do, and my little sister is amazing.
And you do not know, O Best Beloved, you cannot understand how fiercely, drivingly, mind-numbingly proud I am of this beautiful young woman whom I used to abuse and taunt and torment and inflict emotional cruelties on because that was what sisters did. You do not know because I do not have the words to tell you.
With her permission, I will tell you why my sister speaks of plagiarism, but it is her story first and I will not share it without permission. But I look at this beautiful, brilliant girl and I look at the broken family that produced both of us - my parents, O Best Beloved, divorced when I was seven and Chelly was four - and I know deep in my heart that it was communication and love and respect that built us. And I know that our family was broken but not destroyed.

Why am I telling you this?
Because when I was growing up I did not know how lucky I was. And now I do. And I love my beautiful little sister with all my heart.

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