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That was not the way I imagined my vacation to be extended by a day.
Mental note: if someone says "We should use this ham before it goes bad..." Check to make sure that it hasn't already gone bad, which will ultimately result in you staying home and missing an exam due to not being able to leave the bathroom for long enough to drive to school.

Fortunately for me - unfortunately for Scott's wife Suzy - Suzy is in the hospital today, so Lowene is going to give Scott the exam in the morning. Which means I didn't have to dredge myself into school, still sick, and miss going to the doctor only to fail the exam.

I feel like...well, nobody wants to hear a graphic description of my supposed bacterial gastroenteritis, do they now? Going to the doctor, even though the worst of it is over, in hopes that she'll provide me with a way to stop the horrid cramping and diarrhoea.
I have another day to study. If I can sit up to study.

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