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Where did we go?

Two days of no patients means that Nykki gets to take the kittens to the vet.  Kai has ringworm.  They have oral antifungals and we have solutions and topical for his ear where we can see it.  And they're being treated more heavily because of my profession, because I see children.
Scrub hands well.  Repeatedly.

One C-section, 19-year-old G3P1 (that's 3 pregnancies counting the current, one live birth not counting the current) from Mexico - one abortion, one baby dead at 4 days.  We delivered her of a 4-pound 4-ounce baby with Apgars of 6 and 8 at 1 and 5 minutes.  Baby was breech.  Dr. R extracted her quite neatly, with me watching in awe and S doing exactly as she was told.  A C-section is a fascinating thing, in the hands of an experienced surgeon.
Discussed C-sections done by family docs with the OB, in lieu of arguing politics and the stance that "any doctor who would vote for Kerry obviously doesn't care about making a living".  S needs to learn that an opportunity to open one's mouth is an opportunity to insert one's foot, and that it is vitally important to know something about the topics one protests vehemently about.  She is also a Democrat, in this state that has voted Republican for so very long.  So am I, but I try not to look foolish about it.  So I asked about the C-section topic.  Same potential for insulting remarks, but I put on the Bright-Eyed-Face and listened and made careful questions.
Dr. R likes me.  He failed to notice that my questions in the OR cleverly revealed that he could indeed provide me with no factual basis for the Bush-Cheney ticked, only anecdotal evidence against the Kerry-Edwards ticket; thus giving me no reason to open my mouth and interject into an argument based on that quasi-religious faith that.  This entire election is being fought on the basis of what the other guy isn't doing.  But he thinks that my plans to go out into nowhere and do C-sections are admirable, and gave me a mini-lecture on economics and the reality of needing to earn $100,00 in money paid to the practice in order to break even for a year.
And I came out of it refreshed and intrigued, rather than frustrated and grumpy, like S did.  Which was good.

Pogi in the next room.  A Pogi is a woman who is pregnant for the first time; it comes from P0G1, which is an inversion of G1P0, both of which mean Gravida (pregnamt)-once, para (what happened to the babies)-zero.  Young woman, early 20's, history of gonorrhea/chlamydia, history of another "vaginal infection" for which she had just started Flagyl.  Greenish-yellowish vaginal discharge, and copious amounts, too, smelled nasty.  And here we are, checking her cervix, discussing her temperature and the possibility of chorioamnionitis, and the whole room is taking on the odor of Something Wrong Down There.  My mood was dulled.  S's was just miserable.
Baby, on the other hand, was quite content in the uterus, and in no hurry to come out.  Perhaps he, too, was repulsed by the smell.  In any rate, we spent the rest of the morning watching fetal monitor strips (strangely flat, OB was still not worried) and then I went to didactics, got Hospital Swag and got out early.

I've been bumming around ever since.

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