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A muse, sing?

Me, quoting from bash.org: Microsoft could shit in a box, and most people would buy it
Asmo: No, most people would pirate it.
Riotous laughter.

Studying for the Pathology lab exam tomorrow afternoon.
Not studying hard enough, I'm sure. I can't summon the energy to study that hard. But I have been through the notes, and I quizzed back and forth with Jim and Nick (thank you , boys, for coming up with the sort of crude mnemonics that I come up with myself to remember these slides, and thank you for going through them a second time), and then Asher (I could ID every slide within 10 seconds) and then Ryan (Went over them again, was reminded to study Dr. Smith's notes), so I've been through them 4 times. Going to do them once more in the morning.
Made notes from the notes, realised that Dr. Smith's notes contain most of the important stuff for the parasite lectures, and didn't bother going over the chapter notes.
I still have to go through two sets of pictures in Robbins - genetics (one question) and Infectious diseases (more parasites, yum), and then I'll have seen everything that could possibly be on the test. Now...if only we'd known two weeks ago that there would be no slides on the exam...it's so much nicer just having the Kodachromes, even if there are only 16 or 18 of them, which means <100 questions on the exam. Good thing it counts only 2/3 of the regualr exams. Sort of like the last lecture exam. My grades are flagging again; I'm so tired of studying.

Exam Monday-Exam Friday. Path lab and Pharmacology.

Then finals:

Monday-Tuesday, Biostatistics and Medicine, super easy.
Study Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, Pharmacology on Friday. I have the High-Yield book for Pharmacology, and that's good. Even better, it's a statewide exam and I don't have to take a Koritnik final. Instead, we only have to do in the 15th percentile statewide to pass. Not too bad. All in all, a light week.
Study for a week solid, hard. Really hard. All my hundreds of pages of Pathology notes. Because the 19th is the Pathology final exam.
And the really suck bit: LotR comes out in theatres on the 18th, but I'm going to have to wait.
The really sweet bit: Angel's waiting too. Just for me.

After that, though...I have Christmas break, for several weeks. After that, I have a chance to breathe before second semester.

Can you frellin' believe it? There are notes in my binder for next semester already. Cardiac pathology. At least it's McBride. The man is...well, for a teacher, he's damn cute. Nothing better than having a cute prof, hey?

Okay, study break time - time I spent watching Angel play FFX on the pretty new TV with the pretty new component out cables for the PS2 - is over. Time to go through Robbins and look at pictures. Then notes. Then this, then that, then the other.

Saw M today. Realised how much she energises me, how bright things are around her. I miss M and Mandy and those days. Even the pain. Too bad it was short, too bad it was because we came and rescued her and Jefe when her car decided that it was being stolen and shut itself down. I miss M.
I miss a lot of things.
Asmo: "Being exploded into your component molecules is not good."

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