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Fresh strawberries... - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Fresh strawberries...
Every time I have strawberries, I think of my Angel, and the strawberries picked from his parents' house and dipped in powdered sugar at an end-of-school party.

There is not much else to think about, early on a Monday afternoon when there are two medical students, a P.A., and not quite enough patients to go around. My staff, Dr. L, seems to like me and I wish I were doing more work to give him a good impression.
I would rather think about my Angel. I miss him terribly much.
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lakos From: lakos Date: September 20th, 2004 05:28 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
reignofjade From: reignofjade Date: September 23rd, 2004 05:10 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
How do you deal with the long distance?
ayradyss From: ayradyss Date: September 23rd, 2004 12:34 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
Poorly, any more. It's exhausting and stressful. I drive long hours and feel like I come home just to bitch and moan a lot of the time.
But it's worth coming home to see my Angel's face.

The hard part is when I am home for a month at a go, we have to both readjust our schedules and our lives to have another person in them.
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