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Still a little unsteady...

We had role-playing on Friday night, and everyone but one person made it.  Including my Lily and Dash, which was a wonderful thing, as I have missed seeing them terribly.  Furthermore, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, without the endless ebb and flow of problems that has seemed to plague the last few sessions I was at.

I went, yesterday afternoon, to Grabill, Indiana, where we attended the Grabill Country Fair.  We, O Best Beloved, meaning myself, my Angel, my father, ecchikun, watcher_shadow, and quinby.  We ate freshly coooked cornonthecob, pork fritters, huge mounds of potatoes sliced into concurrent chip-thickness slivers and fried, and ice cream.  We drank several mugs of variously-coloured homemade root beer.  We meandered through the booths, were all mesmerized by a quartet playing "It don't mean a thing," and had, in my estimation, a lovely time.
Then we came home and watched moveon.org's Bush in 30 seconds ad collection.  Most of us are avowed Kerry-voters this year; even the undecided ones seemed to enjoy the majority of the ads.  Except, of course, the ones that were not compelling, repetitive, or boring.  It was a good ending.

But I woke up this morning with a headache.  I tried to go to church; the motion of the car made me nauseated, and Angel took me home.  I took a third Aleve.  I am still headachy; this is a stubborn migraine inded.  I think, O Best Beloved, that something in last night's food must have disagreed with my constitution.  I hope it was not the homemade ice cream.

Next shift: 10 PM Monday to 7 AM Tuesday.  This will necessitate some daytime sleeping in any case. 

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