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Not how I expected it to go.

Semagic tells me it is caiata's birthday, and since of all the people with whom I parted ways at one point or another she is one I deeply regret, I am sending her much love, winging across the ocean.

Got to Indy for my OSCE this morning.  I left at 5 in the morning, early, and somehow took my Angel's keys instead of my own.  As both keyrings have the keys to both cars, this would not be a problem...except that there is only one key to the S's house, and that is on my keyring.  I came back home instead of staying at school to work on my personal statement and my various FM Interest Group things (we were not at the medical student council meeting; all our leaders were on call and out of town.  We will not get funding for this year) and now I will have to leave at, oh, about 4-4:30 tomorrow morning.  It's Peds Surgery all over again.
I am listening to a lovely book called Jupiter's Bones, by Faye Kellerman, so the time passes relatively quickly, but I am fast approaching the end of it and I am out of books on CD, again.  I shall have to return to the library.

OSCE, O Best Beloved, stands for Objective Standardized Clinical Exam.  It consists of seven stations, each with a standardized patient lurking inside.  These are clinical encounters, based on real situations.  I am not supposed to talk about them.  They were realistic encounters, for the most part; I found my talk with a "pregnant" lady a particularly difficult suspension of disbelief, but I forged on.  It was not that they were so very difficult (save the fifteen minutes I had to establish rapport with a teenage patient who didn't want to be there, at which I failed miserably) as that I am terrified by the assessment situation.  I always think of what I should have done as I am typing up the note outside the door.  Too late to go back in now.

Tomorrow, 0700, $community_hospital ER.  I will be happy to see patients again; I like ER work.  I like being able to put it down and go home at the end of a shift.  I would like ER work more, but I need continuity of care and rapport with my patients. 
And I'm almost done with my personal statement.

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