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Vampire quotes:

  • On Diablerie:
    Jeff: Oooh, I'll kill you....and then you...and then you, and go down by steps. It's a buffet!
    DM: Who gets to be dessert?

  • (As vampires) Mutually feeding from each other is like sex on a treadmill...without the climax.

  • DM: Are you the one I have to blame for my werewolf's death?
    Jeff:Yes. However, in the light of recent affaires, I'd like to direct your attention...your ire, if you will, to the young woman over here.

  • Why am I having flashbacks from Princess Bride?

  • Ryken:"The family - not the fencer. I think his willpower's a bit too high.
    DM: Yeah...it'd be 'Kill yourself'. 'Screw you.' (stabbing gestures)

  • Sickle cell anaemia...they have less haemoglobin.
    -- Blood Lite?
    -- Tastes great, less filling.

  • Jo: I look cute and innocent until she turns her back...Then I turn into her worst nightmare.

  • Me: Everyone else is reading all kinds of innuendo into that...but she's just thinking 'Flute, mmm...'
    (In chorus, Me, Lily, and Jo): And one time, at band camp...
    DM: Okay, all the women take five agg for that comment.
    That's the new threat. Agg damage for being stupid.

  • Jeff: On a scale of one to ten, let's go back to fighting the guy who almost kicked my ass...

  • Jeff: Tzimische are all about Occult.
    Jo: Yes, but I'm on the run from my tribe, remember?
    Me: Yeah, she goes 'Eww, they use bones!' And runs.

  • (Lily, indicating the knight, instead of her brother): I'm hiding behind him.
    Ryken: Hey!
    Lily: Look, I saw what he can do. You? You didn't do anything!

  • "Guys, guys! Climax! Climax!" (To the two girls, who are busy singing Do your ears hang low? Tzimische-style, instead of paying attention to the vampiress opening a portal to Hell)

  • Go where angles fear to tread. Spelling is as pronounced.

  • Jeff: What am I doing? I'm rolling around in the mud, like the knight that I am.

  • Jeff, to Jo: You may be ugly, but you're going for the witch. Something must be good.

  • DM: Run away, and try not to wet yourself. Which would be terribly embarrassing for a Zulo form.

  • DM: You make it through the wall of water.
    Jo: Does the fire go out?

  • Jeff: I didn't think to split my pool and throw more than one dagger...because I didn't think about it until just...well, because it didn't occur to me. So I just throw one, extra well.

  • You had to be there, to see the DM and Ryken miming Gabi's unsuccessful efforts to get through the wall of water. DM: ...It's very...wet.

  • Don't worry, you'll get to beat down the daemon who's coming through the circle.
    Jo: Unless it makes me run away too.
    DM: It'll just set you on fire, maybe.
    Jo (disgustedly): Exactly.

  • DM: You see someone who looks a lot like her (indicates Jo) but doesn't smell.
    Jo: Oh, look...he's kind of cute - let me REARRANGE YOUR NOSE FOR YOU!

  • Me: I'm a portable blood pool for Mateo. (Character is not much of a fighter)
    Jeff: Everyone's got to have a purpose.

  • DM: And Mateo parries the daemon.
    Ryken: Damn.
    DM (pointing at me): I'm not the one who named the NPC after me...

At Best Buy this morning:
We had the TV in its box out in the parking lot. It was determined that the beast would never fit into the trunk of Angel's Taurus...so David was going to go home, get his Buick with the three-body trunk, and bring it back. To do this, we had to move the box from its position behind the Taurus, where the nice guy from Best Buy (Oh, dear gods, the salesmen at Best Buy are so incredibly cute, I wanted to buy things just to make them stay around. Ooooh, yum.) left it, after we told him he could go back inside (siigh). So we decided to lift it. And I, not wanting to stand around and do the "girl thing", tried to help. On the heavy end - did you know that TV's have a heavy end and a light end? - since they were lifting the light end, and then David let go of the heavy end without really warning me, and the next thing I knew, the heavy end was tilted toward my fingers, which were on the concrete, and I started yelping "Ow! Ow!" And then Matt let go of his end too. "What is it, dear?"
Me: "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Took a good half-minute to come up with a coherent "Box on fingers!" And a bit longer to get the box lifted again. Mmm, pretty patterned fingers. But they don't still hurt.
So David took the Taurus, and I went to Wal-Mart to buy bungee cords, which is where I found the cutest little bungee cords in a box of 24 of varying sizes. They're adorable. I love 'em. And then I got a plastic bag with only one handle to carry them in, and we stood out in the wind.
And some stranger, some total stranger in an SUV, offered us a ride in his SUV, if we needed help getting the TV home. Wasn't that sweet? We turned him down, but I thought about getting his plate number and trying to find out if I could track him down from his plate number and write him a "you're sweet" note. We got the TV home finally. And it's cool, especially with the shelf that Daddy made for it to put the VCR and DVD player underneath, which makes it fit just perfectly under the bar.

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