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Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio

Friday's tests:
Written went well, I 'think. It was unnecessarily repetitive and contained many questions of the type (long list of possible answers) (three questions requiring you to select from the possible answers, answers may be used more than once), most of which were "N: Pneumonia", I think.
OSCE went overall well, except for the bit where I don't know what to do with a Central line Placement evaluation and the patient wouldn't tell me what I did wrong. But six out of seven ain't bad.

Saturday's rounding:
Came in early, saw that I had precisely one patient. Saw him and paged my resident. "We were going to tell you not to come in, but nobody had your phone number." And then came the infamous line: Since you're here... Would I mind seeing a few patients of N's? No, not at all.
So I saw a few patients, wrote a few notes, changed over N's list as well as my own single patient, and went home. Angel came. We went to see Hero, which was quite lovely, and then we snuggled and shopped and decided that when my loans come in we will buy a portable dvd player.

Angel left early. I had my two admits by 6 PM. I hijacked a connection for my laptop and played WoW, after spending the whole morning and part of the afternoon seeing patients with N, discussing their management, and adoring every minute of it. I have a tiny crush on the man, but it is all good, because he is the sort of person one has crushes on - he's easy on the eyes, he's laid back and friendly, he's smart enought to know when he's out of his league, and he plays computer games, Magic, and reads the Reality Dysfunction series (he's on the same book as me right now). Plus, he spent the whole day explaining and asking questions and talking about stuff, and he's terribly jealous of my beta-tester status.
How can you not have a little tiny harmless crush on a boy like that?
Angel, I will note, told me I was adorable for it. You see, he knows that not only is he all of the above things and more, he is the other half of my soul. It is good to have a man who knows that he is the most important person in my life, and to have a man who in turn adores me as much as I do him.

Tomorrow: Must write off-service notes on patients who just came on-service. Must dispose of my patient who came back from the ICU and was mysteriously re-entered on my list in the night (I am done tomorrow; I will not be folowing anyone). Must go to lunch with resident and team and dinner with sister-and-brother-in-law before R gos away to a crazy place with a sneeze for a name.

And now, O Best Beloved, I must sleep.

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