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And then there were three...

Apparently this did not post earlier.

1: numair, ellisande, etc, etc: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-general&t=267914&p=1#post267914 <- Fileplanet/World of Warcraft have signup spots for a chance to play in the stress test beta test for a week :)

2: This is from Thursday.
Saw ICU-Transfer-Patient early in the morning. Note: "Feeling much better today. Abdomen somewhat firmer than yesterday, but pt. denies tenderness or pain. Tolerating some PO intake. Overall better."
I did not take the dressing down and look at his wound; I was taught to only examine surgical wounds if I were the surgeon or the only person examining the patient. Besides, the ET nurses tend to the wounds. And when they tended to it, not so very much later, it was squirting a bit of fluid, and they called surgery, and surgery opened it up, and shortly after that he crashed. Sats to the 30's. They called a code on his next-door neighbor, then suddenly he was coding. I heard the neighbour called over the PA. Not him. Several codes today; it was not a good day for the intern on call.

But he is now in the ICU, meaning that I have only three patients to follow. S promised me an admission today, and then remembered that I am to present at moning report tomorrow. He took the admits, told me he would hand them over in the morning. "Read. Work on your presentation." I am terrified, but apathetic. I did spend my day working on the powerpoint, though. Hypocalcemia. 8 AM.
And Friday, O Best Beloved, I am going to take my Medicine Sub-Internship exam and my OSCEs. Saturday morning I round, Sunday I am on call, Monday I am post-call, Tuesday I have the day off and Angel gets his gall bladder out, Wednesday I start my ER clerkship. And I must start thinking, very hard.

Do I change my schedule to do a family medicine elective here, away from my Angel for another month, here where I am considering applying for residency? I think, maybe, I should. But I do not look forward to a month away from home.

More happened. It was a busy day. But my head is beginning to throb - sushi has this effect on me, inducing migraines, sometimes. I think for now I will leave you.

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