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Getting back into the swing of things...

Here it goes, O Best Beloved...

The elections on Saturday went as smoothly as could be expected, on my part. I ran unopposed - J stubbornly refused to withdraw her withdrawal - and was elected by acclamation. Amy took me on a whirlwind tour of her duties, gave me minutes of meetings, and introduced me to a few people. Then we had a lovely Mexican meal (flautas and tamales) at a hole-in-the-wall about a mile from the hotel, walked back, did some dancing, went to bed early, and were at the airport at something approximating 6:30 AM.

We got back home at around noon, without event, and went out to play laser tag for alythe's birthday. Packed my bags, played a little World of Warcraft, went to bed around 2230.
I was up at 0330 this morning and out the door by 0410. Got to the orientation at school (scheduled for 0700) in plenty of time to get lost in $hospital and find the auditorium by the expedient of running into a classmate.
This entry fills the time between when I got out of orientation (0735) and when I need to leave to get up to the city where I'll be doing my Sub-I. And lets you know I'm still here, and getting back to patient care where I belong. The Sub-I, O Best Beloved, is an invention that dates to World War II, when they ran out of interns [first year residents] to do patient care. Being innovative and having a love of hardworking medical students, the obvious solution for beleaguered administrators was to take fourth-year medical students, give them loose supervision, and call it "an experiential curriculum" as they tried to take on the responsibilities of an internal medicine intern for a month. It has since been refined.

It has been four months since my last Internal Medicine rotation: I had Pediatric Neurology-Psychiatry-Radiology-Vacation. I'm feeling nervous about going back to real medicine, but I know the information must be in there somewhere.

I'm not home yet, but I'll only be an hour and a quarter from my Angel this month; it's much improved from the two hours I have been for most of the last year. Plus, the Family Medicine residents at this hospital know and love me, and want to take me out to dinner. It should be a good month. I'll try to keep you posted.

For now, I'm going to go check my mailbox, grab a bite from McDonald's, and hit the road again. Still listening to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which I think needs to be purchased in paper form for my reading pleasure as well. It's fun.

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