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Not so accidental any more...

Have been running myself ragged for the last two days. A longer update to follow, perhaps, when I have a moment to myself...

Kansas City is lovely. If you come here, do visit the Hereford House and have steak. It's worth the $30 price tag. Deeelicious.

The IAFP called me on Monday. "Do you have an e-mail that we can send our resolution to?" Dr. F, the outbound president, had asked me to carry a resolution to the KC congress. More on the IAFP later. I told D where to send it. "Have you thought about running for an elected position?"

Perhaps I should've said "I don't want to." But I said "Well, sort of," which was the truth. I encourage you to run, she says to me. It'll be good for you to have the experience.
I looked at the positions. There is one, "Student Representative to the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine," that sounded interesting. And I heard the refrain over and over again. "You should run for something." I'm already a delegate, after all. And I gave in. G nominated me; the one person who was going to run against me backed down because she felt that she was perhaps over-extending herself and didn't want to take the position away from someone excited about it; I spent yesterday and today frantically scrabbling together a CV and letter of interest between workshops and business meetings; I just finished writing a speech. All I need is a letter from the dean's office saying they endorse me taking the position, and a letter from the IAFP saying they'll back me up. And those can come later.

We speechify, and then we vote, tomorrow. As of now, I'm running unopposed. I'm terrified.
But I'm trusting in the still small voice that said I should at least try. I'm trusting in the fact that I tried to talk J out of withdrawing, but she decided her mind was made up. I'm trusting that this is the path I was meant to take. And if I have to swallow my fear and step up to the microphone, then it's the least I can do.

After all, it is not my will that must be done.

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