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No more cats. - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
No more cats.
Mom called me today. Midnight died. That means that both of the cats I grew up playing with are dead, cremated. Twenty years of cats. He was old, his claws were catching on the carpet. She took him to the vet to get them trimmed. Apparently, it was too much stress.

I wasn't crying until I wrote it.

I want a cat. I miss my cats.

now feeling:: sad heartbroken

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missysedai From: missysedai Date: July 16th, 2004 09:34 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
Oh no.

I'm so sorry.
loonyatcbh From: loonyatcbh Date: July 16th, 2004 09:36 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
I was crying already for myriad reasons, but Midnight brought another wave of sobs. He'll never make me sneeze or giggle again. *sigh* *hugs*
tyomniye From: tyomniye Date: July 16th, 2004 09:55 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
numair From: numair Date: July 16th, 2004 10:08 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
(hugs) Nothing can replace a cat (or animal) we've lost..but there's always bouncing furballs begging for a new parents. Feel better.
waifofthenorth From: waifofthenorth Date: July 16th, 2004 11:08 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
bah! cats shouldn't do that. *hugs
fyrfitrmedic From: fyrfitrmedic Date: July 16th, 2004 11:49 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
My condolences.

I know how wrecked I was when my longtime companion pet passed a number of years ago.
samila From: samila Date: July 17th, 2004 01:55 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
Nykki! I'm sorry. Losing pets is so hard. *SNUG*
turnberryknkn From: turnberryknkn Date: July 17th, 2004 03:16 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
I'm very sorry.
mydestination From: mydestination Date: July 17th, 2004 03:26 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
I'm so sorry. *hugs*
attickah From: attickah Date: July 17th, 2004 07:45 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
*hugs* my condolances--it's tough to lose them.
daimones From: daimones Date: July 17th, 2004 09:28 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
May Tigger and Midnight dance together.

*holds you close*
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