I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

A little World of Warcraft saga, with pictures!

So there I am, minding my own business, running around Hillsbrad and killing mountain lions for their blood when suddenly I see:

And we all run, fast as we can, back to Tarren Mill - a place where I have seen some of my favourite character names ever - to be someplace safe when the server comes back up post-patch. So now I'm waiting for 190 MB to download via BitTorrent. All so I can see all of this.

I thought I'd regale you with the adventures of my very newest World of Warcraft character:

Here's Yseut, my dwarf, in the middle of casting her healing spell:

And if you want to go to my Comcast page and download the DivX file there, you can see what a dwarf with two pigtails looks like, casting the same spell, in full motion. :)

Here's Yseut using her hearthstone to go back home. I think it looks like her face is transformed into a large green ball of glow:

Same dwarf, wearing a brand new "chain tunic". Some tunic:

Although, I suppose it's better than the beginning Dwarf Paladin equipment:

Love the mallet.

Compare Yseut with Avara, who is now level 26 and counting:

Ain't she wicked-looking? Yes, that is a sparkler in her hand, and yes, they did put fireworks in for the Fourth of July. I'll see if lakos will post his screenshots of us setting off the fireworks. :)

And now the patch is downloaded, and I'm going to install it. I'll try and get more actual screenshots posted later :)

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