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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown....
Linux box went down for a routine hardware upgrade yesterday afternoon. The ensuing saga can be found here and here.
It's still down, although we're up to having it boot again, all the way into Linux even. We haven't tried to connect that new hard drive again either. We just don't have a functional network card at the moment.

Linux gurus: What the hell should my NIC configuration be if I have only one NIC in there? Do I need to configure something for the loopback? Right now, unless I go to interactive mode and DON'T start the network, it locks up when starting the loopback. I have eth0 giving me an "unexpected MAC address" error and refusing to let me stop it now that I activated it. There was an eth1 but I deleted it and now I can't get it back. I'm so confused.

I just want my server up and running. I just want to stop spending money on computer parts when they're not budgeted and we can't afford them.

I just want to get better than a 67% on my practise exams. Back to studying.

[Edit: Angel came home from work, did some work, and got it back up and running. Still no hard drive upgrade.]

now feeling:: frustrated frustrated

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brakiss From: brakiss Date: July 2nd, 2004 09:13 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 2nd, 2004 11:16 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)

wrt Network configuration

Yes; you normally do need to configure loopback, otherwise things tend to get very confusing, as loopback is used for starting local services and talking to them.

Perhaps the best course of action, if you can't get it done quick, is to reinstall from your media. Hopefully you had the /home on a separate partition/drive, which will just slot in. If not, I guess you need to spend some more time on it :-/
ayradyss From: ayradyss Date: July 3rd, 2004 01:59 am (UTC) (etched in stone)

Re: wrt Network configuration

Pulled the card, ran linuxconf, rebooted, put the card back in, ran linuxconf again, rebooted, worked fine.
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