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A quick update.

I should be in bed. Angel is waiting.

The Radiology exam went well, stunningly so, it seemed. I was glad I hadn't waisted the time studying - it was, as promised, a test of the material we learned in the lectures that would stay with us. A fair test, and not at all difficult.

Meeting went quite well with the group from the FMSIG. Drove home and caught the midnight showing of Spider-Man 2, after scolding Angel for not inviting Lily and Dash, who apparently hadn't been online to ask. Went to bed at 02:30.

Today I finished another NMS test with a 73.3%, which is a score I can live with. My video card fan died the other day; my video output was all flashy and weird and when we got to the part of the troubleshooting algorithm that involved reseating hardware I discovered the fan on the card wasn't turning at all, and I nearly burned my fingers on it. So my brand-new nVidia FX5900 came in the mail. I got to plug my brand-new 17" flat-screen monitor into it and talk Angel into taking advantage of Best Buy's sale on RAM to upgrade both computers to 1 GB. I got to play WoW for maybe ten minutes, and then the power supply gave out. So tomorrow it's off to A+ Computers to buy a new power supply. I sink a lot of money into
I have a better video setup than Angel, right now. Neenerneenerneener.

Tomorrow: Study hard, finish going over my test and do another, look at all the notes I've taken and decide how best to spend the rest of the week. I can't wait for this to be done with so I can really relax.

Angel, as I said, is waiting.
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